Collaborative Projects / Fixed Media

PAFOS2017 Opening Ceremony Music (2016)
Score creation of the Multi-Spectacle/Opening Ceremony of Pafos2017 European Capital of Culture.
For Fixed Media. Field recordings, studio recordings, supervision of live performances, selection of tracks.
Original Music: c.38 min. including the dance pieces “Children’s Dance”, “Open Air Factory Comes to Life”, “Finale”, the song “Pygmalion’s Dream” and others.  Actors and singers include: Andreas Tselepos, Maria Andreou
Full spectacle: c.55 min.   Software used: LogicProX, Audacity, AudioSculpt

IN VEIN (2005)
Music and Dance project in collaboration with the choreographer Jamie Boylan.
for female Vocalist, Oboe, Guitar, Violoncello and Percussion and six dancers.
Dur.c. 10 min.
The Place, London