Chamber Music (Duets) 

Instrumentation: Clarinet in Bb and Piano
Dur. c.12 min.    Commissioned by G.G. Culturetones

Instrumentation: Clarinet in Bb and Piano
Dur. c.12 min.
World premiere: 29th October 2010, Festival de Música Contemporánea Keroxen Tenerife, Spain. Performers: Cristo Barrios (clarinet) and Manuel Bonino (piano)  Watch video here

NYKTOPORIA (2009, rev. 2021)
Instrumentation: Alto-flute (or oboe) and Percussion [1 player: Vibraphone, Crotales, Thai Gongs (C3, C#3, A3, D4-G4) = 9 Pitches]
Dur. 5 min.
World premiere: 22 November 2009, Royal Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Concert Series, The Elzenveld Chapel, Antwerp, Belgium. Performers: Piet Van Bockstal (oboe) and Pieter-Jan Vranckx (percussion)
World premiere of Alto Flute and Percussion version: Plektó Duet (Eva Stravrou, Natasa Hadjiandreou)  
Watch video here       
 Score sample (alto-flute & perc version)

Instrumentation: Bass-Clarinet and Violoncello
Dur. c.6 min
World premiere: 14th March 2009, New Music Festival  PERIFÉRIA, Jyväskylä , Finland. Performers: Mikko Raasakka (bass-clar.) and Markus Hohti (cello)
Score sample     Audio sample

Instrumentation:  Trumpet in C and Piano
Dur. 6 min.
World premiere: 7 August 2007, The Great Hall, Dartington, U.K. Performers: Paul Archibald (trumpet) and Juliet Edwards (piano)  Score sample

LAVA (2006-7)
Instrumentation: Violoncello and Piano
Dur. c.8 min.
World premiere: 3 April 2009, The Lauderdale House, London, U.K. Performers: Jessica Burroughs (cello) and Helen Reid (piano)
Score sample
Watch performance with Ensembel Cyclamen

SAXUM: I thought my heart had turned into stone, until… (2006)
Instrumentation: Alto Saxophone and Piano
Dur. c.10 min.
*Second Prize in the Composition competition “Premio GERMI”, Rome, Italy 2009
World premiere: 18 July 2007, Italia Wave Festival-Classic Wave, Florence, Italy. Performers: David Brutti (sax), Filippo Farineli (piano)
Score sample        Audio sample

STROFI (2005)
Instrumentation: Violin and Piano
Dur. c.13 min.
*Panhellenic prize in the Chamber Music Composition Competition, Aristotle Univerirsity, Thessaloniki, Greece 2005
World premiere: 4th November 2005, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London, U.K. Performers: Alda Dizdari (violin), Sholto Kynoch (piano)  Score sample

Instrumentation: for Piano and Percussion (Bass Dr, Chinese Cymb, Large Susp Cymb, Tam-tam)
Dur. c. 1 min.
World premiere: 31 October 2005, Birtwistle Weekend, “What Strikes the Clocke?” Event, Queen Elisabeth Hall Foyer Series, London, U.K. Performers: Stephen Gutman (piano) and Richard Benjafield (percussion)