Solo Instrument and Orchestra / Ensemble

VIMATA (2017)
for Solo Clarinet in Bb and Symphony Orchestra
Dur. c. 17 min.
Instrumentation: 1 Picc, 1 Fl, 1 Ob, 1 Cor Angl, 1 Bb, 1 Bass-Clar, 1 Bsn, 1 ContraBsn, 4 Horns, 2 Trpts in C, 3Trbns [2 tenor,1 bass],1 tuba, 1 Keybaord player [piano, celeste],  Percussion [5 Temple Blocks, 5 Wood-Blocks, 5 Tom-toms, 5 Cowbells, Bass Drum, Vibraphone, Flexatone, Vibraslap, Large Sus Cymb, Small Splash Cymb, Tubular Bells, Crotales, Chime bar, Snare Drum, Triangle], Solo Clarinet in Bb, Strings

X-ÎLE (2016)
for Solo Piano and Ensemble
Dur. c. 4 min.
Finalist work in the Composition Competition of the 29th Music Biennale Zagreb
Instrumentation: Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Trumpet in C, Trombone, Percussion [Vibraphone, 5 Temple-Blocks, Crotales, Grancassa, Snare Drum, Small Crash Cymbal], Solo Piano, Violin, Violoncello and Double-Bass
World premiere: 26 April 2017, 26th Music Biennale Zagreb, Croatian Music Institute, Zagreb, Croatia. Festival ensemble, Filip Fak, piano. Conducted by Aleksandar Kalajdžić

Audio Sample

ALMA (2011)
for Solo Viola and Symphony Orchestra
Dur. c.10 min.
Finalist work in the VI Prokofiev Composition Competition
Instrumentation:  Picc, flute, obow, cor anglais, Clarinet, Bass-Clar, Bsn, Contrabsn, 2 Horns, 2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones, Timpani, Percussion [Bass-Drum, Tubular Bells, Crotales, Vibraphone, Snare drum, Triangle, Flexatone, Suspended cymbal, Chimes bar, Tom-toms  4: high to low], 2 Mandolins [Preferably Neapolitan style. If not available a similar type of plucked instrument with the same pitch range may be used], Harp, Piano, Solo Viola + Strings
World premiere: 20 April 2012, Glazunov Hall, St Petersburg, Russia. St Petersburg Academic Symphony Orchestra, Alexei Bogorad, viola. Conducted by Alexander Titov

RIDDLE (2008)
for Solo Clarinet in Bb and Wind Orchestra
Dur. c.4 min.
Instrumentation: Piccolo, Flutes 1 (7 players), Flutes 2 (7 players), Oboe 1, Oboe 2, Solo Clarinet, Clarinet in Bb (in three parts x 3 players minimum), Soprano Saxophone (1 player), Alto Saxophone (1 player), 2 Bassoons 1, 4 Horns, 3 Trumpets, 2 Cornets, 2 Tenor Trombones, 1 Bass Trombone, 2 Euphoniums, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion [Glockenspiel, Large Suspended Cymbal, Snare Drum, 2 Tom-toms-high,low]
World premiere: 2 March 2008, St Mary’s Church, Southampton, U.K., Southampton University Wind Orchestra, Richard Russell, clarinet. Conducted by the composer