Astir (2022)
Instrumentation: For Solo Guitar
Dur. 1 min. Suitable for amateur-intermediate level students

Fissures en filigrane (2021)
Instrumentation: For Disklavier
Dur. 3 min. Watch/listen here

thou Art with me (2020)
Instrumentation: For Solo Violin
Dur. 9 min.
World premiere: 17 October 2021, Code Modern Festival, Germany
Performer: Lorenz Chen, violin Watch/listen here

RYAX (2018) – Ῥύαξ
Instrumentation: For Solo Piano
Dur. c. 6 min.

Instrumentation: For Solo Clarinet in Bb
Dur. 5 min.
World premiere: 12 April 2019, The Shoe Factory of the Pharos Arts Foundation, Nicosia.
Performer: George Georgiou Watch/Listen here

Instrumentation: For Solo Accordina
Dur. c. 4 min.

UNLOCKED [or the Song left behind]  (2016)
Instrumentation: For Solo Piano
Dur. c. 3 min.
World premiere: 18 March 2017, Hudson River PianoFest, Nyack College, School of Music (Rockland), NY, U.S.A. Performer: Nuno da Silva Marques
Score sample

…KAI ETI  Un micro-adagio pour Trompette Seule  (2015)
Instrumentation: Solo Trumpet in C
Dur. c. 3 min.

RE:MAINS  (2013-15)
Instrumentation: For Multi-Pianist (grand,upright,toy piano) * Required Setup
Dur. c. 12 min.
World premiere: 11 November 2017, Pafos2017 European Capital of Culture, Attikon Theatre, Pafos, Cyprus. Performer: Annini Tsiouti
Score sample
Watch full performance

Flut(t)eRings (2013)
Instrumentation: Solo Flute
Dur. c. 5 min
World premiere: 29 October 2013, Sound Festival, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen, Scotland. Performer: Richard Craig
Listen to full recording   Watch Video

Instrumentation: Solo Violoncello
Dur. c. 5 min.
World premiere: 16 April 2012, Waterside Arts Centre, Manchester, U.K. Performer: Jessica Burroughs (cello)
Score sample
Watch full performance

Instrumentation: Solo Accordion
Dur. c. 10 min.
World premiere: 31 May 2009, Kanagawa Art Hall, 9th International Festival “Creative in Hodogaya”, Japan. Performer: Timo Kinnunen (accord.)
Score sample
Audio Sample (Michael Bridge, accordion)

AOSMON (2007)
Instrumentation: Solo Violin
Dur. c. 26 min. (eight movements)
World premiere: 26 November 2008, The Warehouse, London, U.K. Performer: Alda Dizdari (violin)

Instrumentation: Classical Guitar
Dur. c. 6 min.
World premiere: 8 February 2008, Parnassos Literary Society Hall, Athens, Greece. Performer: Nikos Zarkos (guitar)
Score sample Listen on Spotify

Instrumentation: Solo Flute
Dur. 5′ 50” min
World premiere: 6 July 2008, The Hellenic Centre, London, U.K. EKON Festival. Performer: Jose Zalba Smith (flute) Score sample Audio Sample (Virgine Bove, flute)